Termite damage tree rot

10 signs your tree may be dead or dying!

  1. Sticks are all over the ground. A healthy tree should have strong, flexible branches. If you see lots of sticks, it may be time for an inspection.
  2. Brittle branches. These branches are usually diseased or dead and could mean a majority of your tree may also be dead.
  3. Bark is falling off. If you see this, it means your tree isn’t getting the nutrients it needs.
  4. No green under the bark. This is another sign that your tree isn’t getting nutrients.
  5. Visible rot or fungus. This is bad news and if caught too late, then the tree may be too far gone.
  6. Termites or other pests. These pests need to be handled quickly. If the structural integrity is compromised, then the tree will have to come down.
  7. Tree is leaning. If the tree didn’t grow that way, then it shouldn’t be leaning. This could be a sign of root damage.
  8. Open wounds. Unlike intentional cuts for tree trimming, jagged tree wounds can lead to tree death.
  9. Missing leaves. Besides seasonal leaf shedding, a lack of leaves can mean the flow of nutrients isn’t reaching the leaves. Often the damage is irreversible.
  10. Root damage. Sometimes construction or landscaping can injure roots and lead to tree death.

Recognize these ten signs to avoid injury or damage to your property! Preferred Tree Healthcare is licensed, insured, highly rated, and ready to ensure your property gets the care it deserves.

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